We recognize your distinct business approach and requirements. Our value proposition embraces your uniqueness, allowing us to cater our discussions, recommendations and business plan to your specific needs based on your internal dynamics, commodities, conditions of entry, ports of discharge, carriers and the interrelationship with government agencies and terminals at the various ports.

Our service package embraces quality customer care with expedited services, timely communication and competitive, transparent rates. We are proactive in communicating with our clients and our skillful customer service reps are available 24/7 – 365 days. Our highly competitive rates include transparent billing. Our proposals and invoices are clear and concise, with no added service charges or administrative costs – and no room for guessing or misinterpretation. The contract is broken-out by port of entry, with all costs plainly listed and you'll receive copies of all invoices paid on your behalf.

Advance Customers Brokers cornerstone clearing service ensures your perishable products reach their final destination when they should—on time. Take advantage of our full line offering to ensure your brokerage and logistics are optimized:
  • 24/7 Clearance for perishables 

  • Nationwide Clearance 

  • Importer Security Filing 

  • CBP/AQI Inspections 

  • FDA Prior Notice 

  • USDA Required Fumigations 

  • FDA Clearance 

  • HTSUS Classifications 

  • In Bond Movements 

  • Trucking to final destinations 

  • Track & Trace 


  • C-TPAT Certified 

  • Customs Ace Participation 

  • Paperless Environment 

  • Certified Automated Broker Interface  

  • Certified Remote Location Filing 

  • Licensed and bonded by U.S. Customs and Border Protection 

  • Corporate Customs Broker License #28939 

  • Individual Customs Broker License #11945  



Successful deliveries mean avoiding costly penalties and delays. Our familiarity with the government agencies (CBP, FDA, USDA) means we’re constantly on top

of requirements and regulatory changes. Our strong relationships with the agencies, carriers and transportation companies allow

us to move your cargo efficiently and ensure our clients are in full compliance with all government

and industry programs.


We offer clients direction and help in finding solutions, alternatives and guidance to ensure a smooth flow of cargo. Over the years we have collaborated with government agencies, carriers, terminals, truckers, warehouses, fumigation companies and other vendors. The knowledge and expertise gathered during our years of experience as well as our relationships with key contacts are available free of charge to our clients. This expertise is especially valuable for those exploring new product expansion since a thorough understanding of duties, permits, regulatory requirements and logistics is essential before making any investment or initiating any imports. Our objective is to ensure our clients do not encounter any costly fines or penalties resulting in delays, lost orders, lost customers or damage to the cargo.

Advance Customs Brokers & Consulting 

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