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We are looking for the following:

Senior Bookkeeper/Accountant

City: Miami

State: FL

Zip Code: 33126

Salary: Depends On Experience

Job Type: Full Time

Job Category: Accounting/Finance


Job Details

Advance Customs Brokers & Consulting is a growing organization that is a women-owned premier customs brokerage firm specializing in produce with over 25 years of experience in this industry. We are seeking a Senior Bookkeeper/Accountant to join our Accounting Department. If you are the perfect candidate, you will be someone who thinks like a number always seeking its rightful place. You are analytical by nature, exceptionally responsible, able to think strategically and understand the importance of accurate financials in making the best decisions for the organization. You enjoy creating consistency, order, and certainty in a fast-paced environment. We are seeking someone with a minimum of 10 years of experience, bilingual, Microsoft proficient and facile in Excel and QuickBooks.



• Accounts payable and receivables. Insure the timely payment and collection of our accounts.

• Collection of outstanding client funds.

• Reconcile all accounts.

• Invoicing clients.

• Client records have accurate and up to date information.

• All projects have been invoiced.

• Maintain cashflow budget/forecasting spreadsheet.

• Annual budget and forecast created with management team.

• All financial statements are current and available prior to the weekly management meeting.

• Suggest ways to save the company money.

• Collaborate with COO on the payroll function.

• Work closely with the CEO and COO to insure the financial health of the company.

• Prepares special reports and analysis of financial data as requested.



• Proven bookkeeping experience

• Extensive understanding of bookkeeping and accounting payable/receivable principles

• Proven ability to calculate, post and manage accounting figures and financial records

• Data entry skills along with a knack for numbers

• Hands-on experience with spreadsheets and proprietary software

• Proficiency in English and Spanish and in MS Office

• Customer service orientation and negotiation skills

• High degree of accuracy and attention to detail

Tel: 123-456-7890 

Fax: 123-456-7890

Ocean Import Traffic Coordinator

City: Miami

State: FL

Zip Code: 33126

Salary: Depends On Experience

Job Type: Full Time

Job Category: Logistics/Transportation


Job Details

The ideal candidate for the Ocean Import Traffic Coordinator position at our Customs Brokerage Firm is someone exceptionally talented in being organized yet has the flexibility to respond to the updates and changes in our fast-paced environment. You’ll enjoy figuring out how all the aspects of a customer’s order needs to be arranged and coordinated for maximum efficiency and excellent customer service. You are someone who enjoys solving problems and accomplishing the best possible outcome to a challenge because you are knowledgeable, detail oriented, focused and anticipate obstacles and barriers that could adversely impact either our firm or our customers.

This role requires being in constant communication with our customers, carriers and transportation companies, and the governmental agencies we interact with daily.

At least one year of import cargo experience is required.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Vessel tracking on Carrier websites and by phone.                           

  • Confirm Government inspection times with the carriers and notify customer accordingly.                              

  • Checking for Government agency releases utilizing specialized website (software).                           

  • Notify the customer in writing if cargo is on hold and maintaining them informed of delays and expected releases.                               

  • Send delivery orders to carriers/truckers several days prior to release to ensure truck power availability.

  • Contact carriers/truckers and arrange for delivery of cargo once cargo has cleared Customs.                        

  • Respond to customer inquiries by phone and email.                        

  • Update customer chart as new shipments arrive.                              

  • Coordinate with carriers, USDA and fumigator when insects requiring fumigation are found.                        

  • Review new documentation and send packages to Customs at ports which require hard copies.                  

  • All issues discussed by phone with customer, steamship line or government agency must be followed up by email.                               

  • Pay any charges due for the Inspections (CET, AQI etc.) and Pier Pass for West Coast that are done at the Terminals, CES’s, Lines etc.

  • Prepare necessary Government documentation for movement of cargo for fumigation/inspection (transmittal of EAN, COC, PIT).

To apply, please email:

Pat Compres:


Maria Bermudez:

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